Distinguished Alumni

Njenga, Frank - Psychiatrist

Njenga, Frank - Psychiatrist
Dr. Frank Njenga is a Consultant Psychiatrist at Upper Hill Medical Centre.
  • Address: Upper Hill Medical Centre, 3rd Floor,
    P.O.Box 73749 Ralph Bunche Rd,
    Nairobi, Kenya
  • Phone: +254 20 2711596
  • Former Chairman of Nairobi Hospital Admitting Staff Association(MAC).
  • Former Chairman of the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA).
  • Chairman AAR Holdings.
  • Chairman Chiromo Lane Medical Centre group of companies.
  • Founder President of Africa Association of Psychiatrist and Allied Professionals.
  • Former Chairman Kenya Psychiatric Association.
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (FRCPscych).
  • Author of numerous scientific publications, books and book chapters.
  • Author of the weekly column in Business daily “The Coach”.
  • Frequently features in CNN and BBC.

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