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Wambani, Maurice - Urology

Wambani, Maurice - Urology

Dr. Wambani Maurice

Dr. Wambani Maurice is a surgeon and has an office at Upper Hill Medical Centre, 5th Floor Ralph Bunche Road

  • Location: Upper Hill Medical Centre, 5th Floor Ralph Bunche Road
  • Address: P. O. Box 72110, Nairobi 00200
  • Tel: 020-2245504
  • Mobile: 0722-700282
  • E-mail: mauricewambani@yahoo.com
  • Speciality: surgeon
  • Sub-Speciality:
  • City: Nairobi
  • Town: Nairobi

After obtaining the Master of Medicine (M.Med.) degree in Surgery at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, in 2002, Dr. Wambani worked in the Department of Urology at the Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi until 2005, when he joined the Urology and Nephrology Centre of the University of Mansoura. Dr. Wambani currently practices urology as a consultant at the Nairobi Hospital. He joins a group of about 25 urologists who form the Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons (KAUS). His main interest is prostate and stone surgery and endourology. He is part of the 3-member urological outreach team that forms the Kenyan chapter of the African Medical and Research Foundation, which provides urological outreach services in the East and Central African region. Dr. Wambani is married to Jeska, a pediatric radiologist, and they have 2 adult children, Linda and Brian.

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